Today’s competitive business environment

The balance between
Safety and Profit.

Whilst trying to hit revenue targets or provide service to customers, it’s important to make sure drivers can still arrive back home safely. Our solutions help everyone drive that fine line between productivity and safety – the ideal win-win. Accidents and vehicle downtime is the ultimate lose-lose.

Over the year’s the thing we have learned about drivers of sales, service and corporate vehicles is that they often have targets and expectations. The addition of pressure at the wrong time can create a very distracted driving environment, and this is not in anyone’s best interests. This is where our Target Zero methodology can play a role. We can help you identify trends and relationships between variables that may not have been previously obvious. We can unlock the insights to help make the decisions that will best optimise both safety and productivity.

Confirm customer’s visited, provision of service, time-on-site and more.

Unlock unknown potential

  • Which drivers are the most productive?
  • Which drivers are costing the company the most and the least? And how does this correlate with their overall performance?
  • How much time is spent with customers, and how much time isn’t?
  • What is the big opportunity that hasn’t yet been capitalised on simply because you don’t have the data available?