Simple wireless connectivity

GPSi is constantly developing smarter technology that simplifies the IVMS space as we know it. The smartKEY is no exception. Drivers are automatically recognised when starting the vehicle with no driver intervention required. When multiple workers are detected the smartKEY will start beeping prompting the driver to login. Defined vehicle exceptions are also sent to the smartKEY in real time then beeping, giving drivers live feedback on their driving behaviour.

The smartKEY also hosts an internal buzzer to help drivers receive feedback on their driving style in real-time. This enables customers to manage improvements in driver and vehicle performance and, in turn, reductions in fuel consumption, carbon emissions and accident rates.

More Specs

  • Low energy Bluetooth 4.0
  • Re-chargable lithium polymer battery
  • On life: 7-10 days (device usage will impact battery life)
  • Audio Buzzer
  • USB battery connection for remote charging
  • Dimensions: 12.03cm x 6.71cm x 3.23cm
  • Weight: 186 grams

SOS Broadcast

The smartKEY supports GPSi’s SOS BroadCast technology. Activating the SOS Duress Alert will force the smartKEY to actively search for any RoadScout equipped vehicle within range.